General healthcare

HUGSA Medical is a holistic-based, patient-centered clinic, which means all healthcare issues are important

We understand the importance of low-cost, fast, and efficient solutions for any of your medical problems. Our aim is to make sure that our solution is simplified instead of complicated. 

We do ensure that we will get your medical history in the most accurate way possible through various medical investigations and physical examinations. However, we avoid any unnecessary tests or medical investigations as we want to ensure that every single medical care is not time-consuming.


In any case should further research be required, we will ensure that we will follow the WHO-standard and to make sure that the research is necessary and reliable. 

For further medical investigation, we have various in-house laboratory tests and will get the results immediately. We also have partnerships with multiple medical centers in order to provide tests such as MRI, X-ray, Dental, Surgical, and Laser tests.

As a patient-oriented healthcare clinic, we are compassionate and caring. We want to assure you that you can talk to us about any health related issue. 

We are YOUR local General Practitioner.

In-house Lab – 

Partnered Lab – CBC (complete blood count),